This program downloads all files of a Stud.IP users current semester.
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Stud.IP Crawler


This is a program that downloads all files available for a given Stud.IP user. It only downloads and searches through the courses in the current semester. If you run the program again it only downloads files that have changed since the last time running it.


  • Downloads files of given users active semester via commandline
    • Keeping file structure of Stud.IP
    • Specify username
    • Specify password
    • Specify Stud.IP-URL
    • Specify output directory
    • Specify chunk size to download big files
    • Specify all important database variables
  • Only download files after given date
    • Save and read download date
    • Possible reset of download date
  • Incremental file download
    • Store id and chdate of downloaded files
  • Logging
    • Console log
    • Log file
    • Specify log level
  • Docker
    • DockerHub image
    • Docker-compose with db

Errors and workarounds

  • If filename is too long it currently gets skipped
  • Filenames get sometimes displayed wrong (probably utf8 problems)


  • create an instance of a mysql database
  • git clone
  • cd studip-crawler/src/
  • pip3install -r requirements - install dependencies


Just run the file via python3 [options]. Alternatively to python3 you can give yourself permissions using chmod +x [options] and run it with ./ [options]. There are several options required to work. Run python3 -h for a help menu and see which ones are important for you.



Set the following variables with the -e tag.

Name Usage Default
USER username on the studip server admin
PSWD password on the studip server admin
URL url of the studip server admin
INTERVAl update interval in seconds 86400


Set the following volumes with the -v tag.

Volume-Name Container mount Description
studip_data /studip/src/data directory for studip files to be saved to


Copy docker-compose.yml and change it to your needs. Then run docker-compose up.

Tested StudIP instances

  • Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg