My patched version of suckless' terminal - st.
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This is my patched version of st. The base version is directly from This belongs to my larbs installation script, but does not directly depend on it. It is supposed to work in the environment after the larbs-base-installation.


The list below shows the currently applied patches to the master branch.

  • st-alpha-0.8.2.diff (adds transparency)
  • st-anysize-0.8.1.diff (st leaves no gaps if the height/width doesn't match a multiple of character height)
  • st-font2-20190416-ba72400.diff (allows to set multiple spare fonts as fallback)
  • st-scrollback-0.8.2.diff (add scrollback functionality)


There are various shortcuts and hotkeys used in this version. Included in my build are the following.

ModKey Shift Key Function
Alt Break Send break
Alt Print Toggle printer
Alt Print Print screen
Shift Insert Clipboard paste
Alt c Clipboard copy
Alt v Clipboard paste
Alt p Selected paste
Alt NumLock Toggle Numlock
Alt k Scroll up
Alt j Scroll down
MouseScrollUp Scroll up
MouseScrollDown Scroll down
Alt Shift u Zoom in
Alt Shift i Zoom out


To install this package you can run several commands. If you want to use st with colored emojis make sure to install libxft-bgra (yay -S libxft-bgra on arch based systems`).


If you're on Arch you can use the Arch User Repository. For simplicity you can use a AUR-helper such as yay.

  • yay -S st-tiyn-git

Or you can clone it and run it by makepkg.

  • git clone
  • makepkg -sirc


The most basic way is to clone the repository and then invoke make.

  • git clone
  • make clean install