This is my configuration of slock - the suckless X screen locker.
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tiyn fedcfc595b
changed sudo commands
4 months ago
.gitignore updated gitignore 6 months ago
LICENSE adding base 4 years ago
Makefile base: added base image 8 months ago added secret-password patch for readme 6 months ago
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config.def.h changed sudo commands 4 months ago added dwmlogo patch to master 6 months ago
explicit_bzero.c adding base 4 years ago
slock-background-image-20220318-1c5a538.diff added background-image patch 6 months ago
slock-capscolor-20220921-35633d4.diff added capscolor patch 6 months ago
slock-dwmlogo-20210324.diff added dwmlogo patch 6 months ago
slock-git-20161012-control-clear.diff added control-clear patch 6 months ago
slock-secret-password-1.4.diff added secret-password patch 6 months ago
slock.1 adding base 4 years ago
slock.c made secret-password an array again 6 months ago
util.h adding base 4 years ago


This is my patched version of slock. The base version is directly from


The list below shows the currently applied patches to the master branch.

  • slock-background-image-20220318-1c5a538.diff (shows a background image in locked state)
  • slock-capscolor-20220921-35633d4.diff (displays a separate color if caps is set)
  • slock-dwmlogo-20210324.diff (adds dwm logo on lock screen)
  • slock-git-20161012-control-clear.diff (doesnt turn logo red when pressing control keys)
  • slock-secret-password-1.4.diff (modified) (can give additional passwords that run commands)


The most basic way is to clone the repository and then invoke make.

  • git clone
  • make clean install