Modified version of Luke Smith LARBS.
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This is my modified version of lukesmithxyz's auto-rice bootstrapping scripts. I made some changes which can be found mainly in the progs.csv. This also installs all needed dotfiles from my .dotfiles repository. In contrast to Lukes Script this one installs dwm and not i3 because it sucks less.


To get this script working you need a base installation of arch.

  • Operating System: Arch Linux
  • Window Manager: dwm
  • Shell: zsh
  • Terminal Emulator: st
  • File Manager: vifm
  • Application Launcher: dmenu(_run)
  • Status Bar: dwmblocks
  • Notification Service: dunst
  • Text Editor: neovim
  • Reader: zathura
  • Browser: firefox
  • Lockscreen: slock

All programs including these can be found in the progs.csv.


There are a bunch of hotkeys. Please visit my dwm and st builds and my dotfiles to see them.


A bootable base installation of Arch Linux is needed. You can do a minimal install by following a secure guide by me. You don't need an existing user other than root to use larbs. A seperate user will be created during the installation progress.


curl -LO

It is possible that the following commands need to be run before the script is able to retrieve packages.

pacman-key --populate archlinux
pacman-key --refresh-keys


This script will be checked for correctness on important changes. Testing system is a Virtual Machine inside Proxmox or a Lenovo Thinkpad X220 occasionally other systems are used (they all use my described guide for a basic installation). Results range from + over o to -, the latter being the worst.

Commit Date Result Description
4d6dcd7 04.04.2020 + Proxmox VM
0456974 31.12.2020 + Proxmox VM
d32191b 12.06.2021 + Lenovo X220
6dfcaba 13.06.2021 + Ryzen 3900x and GTX 1080
594ff41 09.08.2021 + Acer Switch A12
4fa2d6a 10.01.2023 + Proxmox VM
961b6b3 27.10.2023 o Intel Evo i7 13th Gen