Dotfiles for different machines on different branches.
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My arch compatible user dotfiles. They were originally based on the dotfiles of lukesmithxyz. This being some time, hundreds of commits and my personalized version of larbs ago, they are now quite different.

All requirements and recommendations get installed by my version of LARBS. To take a look at all the software it installs look at the progs.csv in my LARBS repository.

Migration of my dotfiles to other system

  • set alias in .bashrc: alias config='/usr/bin/git --git-dir=$HOME/.dotfiles/ --work-tree=$HOME'
  • clone this repository: git clone --bare $HOME/.dotfiles
  • optional: backup old files:
mkdir -p .config-backup && \
config checkout 2>&1 | egrep "\s+\." | awk {'print $1'} | \
xargs -I{} mv {} .config-backup/{}
  • checkout changes: config checkout
  • ignore untracked files: config config --local status.showUntrackedFiles no
  • pull current setup: config pull
  • finish setup for vim:
    • open vim

The step containing commenting out is needed because the colorscheme has problems being not available and disrupts the further process of the plugin installation.

Ignore local changes to config files

If you need to make local changes to config files that are not to be pushed run config update-index --skip-worktree <file> to stop git from showing them having changes.


There are various shortcuts and hotkeys used in this version. Included in my build are the following. Dwms and sts hotkeys can be found in their repositories.


ModKey Shift Key Function
Super a (sounds) Previous song
Super b (program) Spawn browser
Super c (sounds) Toggle looping of songs
Super d (sounds) Next song
Super f (program) Spawn filemanager
Super i (display) Stop recording
Super m (program) Spawn thunderbird
Super o (display) Start replay window
Super p (display) Save replay window
Super u (display) Start recording window
Super r (program) Spawn dmenu_run
Super s (sounds) Pause song
Super x (sounds) Toggle shuffling of songs
Super Shift l (keyboard) Toggle keymap
Super Shift r (sxhkd) Restart sxkd
Super Shift Space (notifications) Close all notifications
Super [ (notifications) Toggle dunst dnd
Super ] (sounds) Toggle mute
Super \ (sounds) Toggle deaf
Super F5 (display) Enable 2 Screen Monitor
Super F6 (keyboard) Toggle touchpad
Super F7 (mounting) Mounting drives
Super F8 (mounting) Unmounting drives
Super F9 (network) Restart NetworkManager
Super F10 (display) slock
Super F11 (shutdown) reboot
Super F12 (shutdown) shutdown
Super Return (program) Spawn terminal
Print (program) Prompt to take a screenshot
AudioMute (sound) Volume mute
AudioMicMute (sound) Mic Mute
AudioLowerVolume (sound) Volume lower
AudioRaiseVolume (sound) Volume raise
MonBrightnessDown (display) Brightness decrease
MonBrightnessUp (display) Brightness increase

Additional configs

Additional configs (and for example firefox plugins) can be found in my wiki.