Simple file-based wiki with fulltext-search.
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Amphora Wiki


This is a simple wiki based on Pythons Flask framework. There is much great wiki software. Most of them are using some kind of database. I however just want to put my markdown files in a directory and get a working wiki.


  • Plain text support for wiki entries
    • Markdown Files (.md)
  • Entry page
    • Option to get plain text file
    • Optimize CSS for code
  • Start page
    • Overview of pages and namespaces
  • Search page
    • Full-text search
    • Show first few lines of each match (preview)
    • Better CSS
  • Navigation
    • More advanced namespaces
    • Header
    • Random article
    • Search bar in header
    • Footer
  • Switchable CSS
    • CSS dark-theme
    • CSS light-theme
  • Config file
  • Docker installation
  • Logo


Create entries

Wiki entries are managed by plain markdown files in the templates/entry/ directory. The first line of each document is reserved as the title of the document.



  • git clone
  • cd amphora-wiki/src
  • edit the file according to your needs
  • pip3install -r requirements.txt - install depenencies
  • run python
  • wiki is available on port 5000


Make sure you copy an example and edit it before running the container. The can be found in the src folder.


Set the following volumes with the -v tag.

Volume-Name Container mount Description
config-file /wiki/ Config file
entries /wiki/templates/entry Directory for wiki entries
graphics /wiki/static/graphics Directory for images needed for entries
css /wiki/static/css (optional) Directory for css files
html /wiki/templates (optional) Directory for templates (entry-volume not needed)


Set the following ports with the -p tag.

Container-Port Recommended outside port Protocol Description
5000 80 TCP HTTP port

Example run-command

An example run command is shown in